Plant Medicine & Healing

introduction to PLANT MEDICINE

First, it's important to understand that Plant Medicine is not a recreational drug.

The entheogenic plants and herbs used in Plant Medicine ceremonies are incredibly powerful. Partaking is a serious–often transformative–experience with the potential for deep healing, spiritual growth and personal development.


Used by ancient shamanic cultures for thousands of years, herbal teas and other ceremonial preparations contain some of the most powerful and transformative compounds known to affect the human species. These compounds generate a psychological experiences so powerful, they've been popularized in media as “The Spirit Molecule”–or “entheogens”–which in ancient Greek literally means, “God Within”.

Primary Patient Care using plant medicine

At Swissx Island, we offer our guests access to incredibly powerful, traditional bio-medicines tailored to provide a wide range of genetically transformative experiences designed by Nature to help treat and ameliorate human suffering.

Partaking of these powerful, carefully prepared medicinal plant treatments can be a truly transformative, life-changing experience.  Each patient's journey is unique – unfolding based on their ability to access and understand our construct-based reality. After partaking, the patient's perspectives on life, the universe, and their inner self are transformed – as entheogens help them process and work through their lifetime’s trauma and ancestral scarring passed on to us from our biological parents, and encoded into our DNA.

In addition to aiding spiritual and emotional development, medicinal plant treatments have also been used to treat or ameliorate a variety of mental health issues and conditions such as PTSD, addictions, eating disorders, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s and more.


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