Plant Medicine & Healing

Preparing for Your Journey

Prepare Your Mind & Body

In the weeks leading up to your Plant Medicine ceremony, it’s important to prepare your body and mind for what you're about to experience. Some of these preparations may be a challenge, but in our experience, they're well worth the effort! 

Plant Medicine is most effective when your mind is calm and your body is free of toxins. Please follow the guidelines below, eat healthy and try to avoid unnecessary stress. Mindfulness techniques and practices such as yoga, Pilates, and meditation can also help free up valuable mental space, allowing you to focus on your hopes and intentions for your upcoming Retreat. 

Things to Avoid Prior to Retreat

Ideally, we recommend that guests avoid the following foods, substances and activities for 2 weeks prior to their Retreat:

  • Foods containing Tyramine: As MAO inhibitors, key compounds used in Plant Medicine may temporarily suppress your body's ability to process Tyramine (amino acid). Avoiding the following foods for at least 48 hours should keep your Tyramine levels in balance, preventing headaches or hypertension:  Aged meats, cheese & dairy, Alcohol fermented foods, like soy sauce, sauerkraut, pickled foods, protein extracts, yeast / brewers yeast, dried fruit.
  • Other foods to avoid for approximately 2 weeks prior to Retreat:  Dairy products, pork products, refined sugars, excess salt, fried foods, spicy foods, greasy foods or oils & products containing caffeine.  In short, a healthy, 2-week "Cleansing" or "Detox" diet may help to prepare your body for the Retreat.
  • Alcohol:  Avoid alcohol for at least 48 hours prior to Retreat
  • Recreational Drugs:  We also strongly advise avoiding recreational drugs such as amphetamines, cocaine, opiates, marijuana and MDMA - as well as other psychedelics like LSD and psilocybin - for approximately 2 weeks prior to you Retreat
  • Sex: If possible, avoid sexual relations for 48 hours prior to Retreat, to ensure you're at peak mental and physical energy for the journey.

Items to bring

Every traveler has their own needs and preferences, but we recommend bringing the following items:

  • Light-weight clothing, suitable for hot tropical climate
  • Shorts & Teeshirts
  • Cool, comfortable footwear, suitable for light hiking in tropical weather
  • Beachwear or Swimwear
  • Hat, Sunscreen or other products to protect against sun
  • Reading & Writing Supplies


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